Agricola Global Fee Policy


Please read this fee policy carefully before signing up. 

Fees are charged for the use of the services we provide and people who use our services are required to pay these fees once they are signed on with us.

We charge a subscription fee and subscription fee applicable are

There are 4 fee options based on users needs and they come with certain benefits and privileges which will boost your business like the privilege of advertising your products on the Agricola Global Homepage


Subscriptions Fee


Membership Amount Transactional charges
Free $0 5%
Silver $2.00 Monthly Subscription 4%
Gold $16.00 Monthly Subscription 3%
Platinum $25.00 Monthly Subscription 2%

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Transactional Charges



There is a transactional charge applicable on any transaction payable to Agricola Global. These transactional charges will be  based on the subscription package you choose as indicated above. This will be deducted from the total sale price of transaction.      


Payment enables access to Agricola database of consumers with a guaranteed audience of interested purchasers.