About Agricola Global

 -Global Food Market


Agricola Global Ltd( incorporated in the United Kingdom ) is a B2B and B2C, E-Commerce Platform which provides farmers and food producers an opportunity to connect with local, national and global markets.  The platform works as a  global food and Agriculture market, specifically designed for buyers and sellers . We feature nearly every food and food product. 

Apart from Food products and cash crops the website also displays a  long list of  other agricultural and farming related products.  Browse and explore the wide category of products like farm machinery, equipment, agrochemicals, veterinary products, kitchen equipment, crockery, etc. Our niche revolves around food and agriculture.


  • The aim/objective of agricolaglobal is to enable farmers/ producers of raw materials to trade directly with food manufacturers and consumers locally, nationally and  worldwide. 
  • Manufacturers or producers of food processing/cooking/preparation/storage equipment and gadgets will be able to use the platform to sell their products.
  • Poultry and Livestock producers can sell their products via Agricola Global.
  • Manufacturers/Sellers. Retailers of crockery /pans /cutlery, chinaware /plates can sell their products using the Agricola Global platform.